Why Do Men Look For Social Escorts In SG?

Here are some of the reasons why men look forĀ  escorts in Singapore. Fact of the matter is, because the following reasons happen to always impact business executive guys the most, they also tend to be the bulk of the customers.

Many men who focus on their careers are too busy to date any traditional way. This is because many of the C suite executives or business owners are way too busy focusing on and running their businesses that they simply do not have the time nor energy to actually go out and do something for their social life, or they will sacrifice their careers which they most certainly are not willing to do at any cost now. This means that most girls in Singapore will not be interested to date them, since there is absolutely zero time they can spend together at all other than maybe a few random hours every few weeks! Even WhatsApp can be an issue with these busy men. Therefore, these busy men who do not have time to date any other ways turn to escorts whenever they crave for companionship.

Some men are constantly on the go and travelling for their work or business, and as a result are unable to have any kind of human to human relationship other than with their business acquaintances. This means that they can feel very lonely from time to time especially when they are travelling from country to country. Therefore, because many constantly travelling businessmen visit Singapore, these men also look for a social escort companion girl with the romantic girlfriend experience such as provided by local SG escort agencies such as SG VIP Escorts while they are in Singapore.

Some men go for business meetings or are entertaining clients, and they want to bring in a social escort girl to disarm the clients psychologically, so that it will be easier to sell the clients some business contract. This is a method which is actually seen in the movie Pretty Woman.

There are some men who have decided to not get married at all and make booking for social escorts because they are truly no strings attached. For these men, any kind of commitment is scary to them, and only real no strings attached relationships will work out for them. Since even sugar baby arrangements will still require some form of financial monthly commitment, these men prefer to opt for pay per meet options like escorts.

Some men are simply struggling to find girls who are willing to go out with them – not because they are unattractive, but because their age range is out of the normal range that girls in Singapore look at and thus they find escorts instead. There are many men aged in their 40s who actually find it really difficult to date. This is because on mobile dating applications, girls do not even select to view profiles of that age range, and in real life places like bars and clubs, the younger girls do not even bother looking at these older men because they usually think that these guys are married already, or way too old for them. Therefore, these eligible but older men often turn to escorts as companions instead. Escort girls do it as a job, and so they are way less particular on this point.