Is This Truly The Best Singapore Escort Agency Or Overhyped?

Are you in search for the best social escort agency in Singapore? If so, you may have heard of SG VIP Escorts. Let’s take a look if they truly are the best in Singapore!

First got famous on a Yahoo lifestyle interview titled, “Escort agency founder says he provides premium ‘girlfriend experience’ sans the sleaze”, Richard, the founder of SG VIP Escorts and the company seemed to seemingly skyrocket within the Singapore escort industry soon thereafter.

For those who are TLDR, here is the summary of the article. They are a company that specializes only in local nationality escort girls, and since their founding, tons of girls have applied to their agency (not surprising since most SG girls can be materialistic). They have had a couple of odd incidents, and Richard even shared that there were porn stars who applied as well, but due to their foreign nationality, they were declined from the company. (It is true, I have never seen a foreign girl on their website since inception till now, which is really rare for an agency as most tend to bring on foreigner girls. I guess they are very good at attracting local girls to join them.)

Actually, what surprised me the most is that that article first came out in 2017. This is the year 2020, and they still have the largest amount of local girls on their list and are fully operational and seem to be growing rapidly actually since 2020 started! They seem to be adding on the most amount of new locals, whereas others have significantly reduced or simply closed shop months or even years ago.  Most agencies usually crumple after the 2nd or 3rd year, and yet SG VIP Escorts is charging strong! I guess specializing in local nationality girls have truly garnered them lots of supporters – both a steady stream of loyal customers as well as local SG female applicants.

If you did not already know this fact about Singapore, it is that escort agencies tend to come and go really fast. Many of them start, and become defunct within a matter of months. This is really common. Therefore, there is always attention when one lasts for so long. This is especially the case for SG VIP Escorts which is several years now which is seemingly an eternity in this space!

And they are still shockingly getting raving reviews. Recently, there has been significant renewed interest in their services when it comes to the Singapore escorts industry, as they had new interviews shared via multiple Redditors on various Singapore-related sub-Reddit.

After having spoken to some of the industry veterans in terms of customers (whom are actually my friends but I know use escort services) – sorry I can’t reveal their identity, that is their condition for quoting them in this article, I bring you the following comments by them on the company.

“Best options if you want local SG girls.” – M

“Very strict if they do not know whom you are. So just give your details to them, and they will take care of you thereafter. Booking is usually swift and response fast. No frills, but no hassles.” – W

“Not the cheapest, not the most expensive, and no fully uncensored face photos of their girls, but certainty one of the very best in terms of their girls’ quality if you love Singaporean ladies. Can’t recommend them enough in terms of that. But for foreigners, sorry they have zero.” – R

So what do you guys think? Are you also a customer? Let me know in the comment section below and I will anonymize your name and publish the comments here!

From the above, I certainly think they are! But like everyone says, beauty (of their models) is in the eye of the beholder! But for those of you out there who like the local Singapore girls, then yes they are an ideal choice.

Why Do Men Look For Social Escorts In SG?

Singapore skyline

Here are some of the reasons why men look for  escorts in Singapore. Fact of the matter is, because the following reasons happen to always impact business executive guys the most, they also tend to be the bulk of the customers.

Many men who focus on their careers are too busy to date any traditional way. This is because many of the C suite executives or business owners are way too busy focusing on and running their businesses that they simply do not have the time nor energy to actually go out and do something for their social life, or they will sacrifice their careers which they most certainly are not willing to do at any cost now. This means that most girls in Singapore will not be interested to date them, since there is absolutely zero time they can spend together at all other than maybe a few random hours every few weeks! Even WhatsApp can be an issue with these busy men. Therefore, these busy men who do not have time to date any other ways turn to escorts whenever they crave for companionship.

Some men are constantly on the go and travelling for their work or business, and as a result are unable to have any kind of human to human relationship other than with their business acquaintances. This means that they can feel very lonely from time to time especially when they are travelling from country to country. Therefore, because many constantly travelling businessmen visit Singapore, these men also look for a social escort companion girl with the romantic girlfriend experience such as provided by local SG escort agencies such as SG VIP Escorts while they are in Singapore.

Some men go for business meetings or are entertaining clients, and they want to bring in a social escort girl to disarm the clients psychologically, so that it will be easier to sell the clients some business contract. This is a method which is actually seen in the movie Pretty Woman.

There are some men who have decided to not get married at all and make booking for social escorts because they are truly no strings attached. For these men, any kind of commitment is scary to them, and only real no strings attached relationships will work out for them. Since even sugar baby arrangements will still require some form of financial monthly commitment, these men prefer to opt for pay per meet options like escorts.

Some men are simply struggling to find girls who are willing to go out with them – not because they are unattractive, but because their age range is out of the normal range that girls in Singapore look at and thus they find escorts instead. There are many men aged in their 40s who actually find it really difficult to date. This is because on mobile dating applications, girls do not even select to view profiles of that age range, and in real life places like bars and clubs, the younger girls do not even bother looking at these older men because they usually think that these guys are married already, or way too old for them. Therefore, these eligible but older men often turn to escorts as companions instead. Escort girls do it as a job, and so they are way less particular on this point.

How To Get Singapore Escort Agencies To Reply You Fast

Whether you are booking through an escort agency in Singapore, or through an independent, these tips are the same. If you have noticed that some agencies or girls do not respond to you, and yet they are still functional and operational, here are some tips to help you set yourself aside as a professional customer who is serious about making a booking for the escorts. These same tips are also essential in helping you to get repeat bookings in Singapore as escorts are well known to be particular for rejecting a customer if their first time was rude or inpolite.

Go straight to the point and check out the escort agency website before contacting

It is absolutely important to know that to set yourself apart from the other enquirers as a customer and to get fast booking turnaround time and to book easily each and every single time, you need to go straight to the point. Most escort agencies have their details fully listed on their websites, and virtually all of the Singapore based escort websites have a frequently asked segment on their pages. This means that you can look through everything first and decide after already having any questions answered prior using their FAQS page. Additionally, the photos and any available details would already have been placed on their websites, and you are to look through the website first then book directly once you contact their hotline if you want fast service.

Shortlist a few social escort girls from their website before even thinking of contacting them as not all are available

Next, it is also utterly imperative that you shortlist several girls from their website first. In Singapore, almost all escorts are doing it on a part time basis, which means that not all of them are available at any given moment. However, instead of asking the agency who is available, which is a TERRIBLE idea because it usually demonstrates that you did not look at their websites at all, to first shortlist around 3 to 5 girls all of whom you are interested in and willing to make a booking for. From that point, you then contact the escort agency.

So what do you do when you have done the above and are now contacting the agency or agent?

Here is what you do on a step by step basis for your booking.

  1. Tell them that you are interested in a number of girls and type out the names of the 3 to 5 models whom you are interested in from their agency and want to make a booking for today in Singapore.
  2. Every agency and company is slightly different, and they will usually advise you at this point as to what other details they may require from you. This varies from company to company so just listen to whatever they type or reply you.
  3. Whatever details they ask for, provide them for fast verification. This is especially the case if you are a first time customer to their agency in Singapore.
  4. They will reply you with whoever is available out of the list of names that you had selected or perhaps provide some recommendations.
  5. You can then make your decision for the booking and confirm on the girl whom you will like to meet!
  6. Simply wait now for the girl to travel. This usually takes between 1 to 3 hours within Singapore, depending on where you are, what time you contact the agency and more.
  7. The girl would have arrived and you would be enjoying your time with her!
  8. If you want repeat bookings, it is important that you are always polite and respect personal boundaries at all times – escorts are paid companions, not slaves. So treat them as such and you will probably get better service and the agency will be glad to do business with you in future!

Where Can You Find Legal Social Escorts In Singapore?

Singapore social escort

Many people look for social escorts in Singapore. However, not every one of them is legal for you to engage. Here are some great steps you can take to make sure that you can properly find legal social escorts in Singapore. Finding them from the wrong place can result in trouble for you. Therefore, it is important to know where to look for legal escorts in SG. Just because the site or person says she is does not necessarily translate to that.

Find them through a Singapore escort agency

First up, you could look for them through local Singapore escort agencies. These are basically third parties, commonly known as agencies in Singapore, which will help you sort through the girls and arrange for a meeting between both you and the model. You are simply contacting the middleman to set up a date between you and the girl, and they will iron out anything required for the meeting to take place. A reputable escort agency will and should have also made sure that photographs are real, and that details are accurate. Here are some further readings and tips for you in Singapore on how to book the girls like a seasoned regular so you get escort service quickly if this is the first time you are booking social escorts in SG.

Avoid foreign call girls if possible

Second of all, you definitely want to note that almost all foreigners working as an escort girl in Singapore are doing it under an illegal work pass. foreign call girlSince Singapore is a multi racial country, foreigners does not refer to a race. It refers to the citizenship. For instance, if you like a Thai or European girl, and would like to meet one, go to Thailand or Europe to meet one respectively.

If you have some kind of weird fetish and love to get caught in the action when these foreign girls get caught for working illegally in Singapore, and then you also get investigated by the local police, then look for them locally. *sarcasm*

Check if an agency is registered with the Singapore government

Third of all, while this is not a guarantee that they are a legal operations, it is obvious that one which is not registered is illegal! It is very simple. This step is more to sieve out obviously non-legal escort agencies. You will be surprised most are not registered, which makes them illegal.

Most legitimate businesses would have their business registration details or full legal names spelled out on their websites, and then you can simply tally this against and search for their records within. If they are a registered company, they will be listed there. If they are not, avoid! If they are, you can move on to the other steps.

Any website that solicits prostitution services is illegal – avoid these

SG gal

Fourth of all, there are some websites which call themselves as Singapore escort sites but are really just online brothels. Examples of these are sites like the defunct SGWolf or SGWolves, TTVIP7 and SG888SG. Avoid these like the plague. Run fast and immediately the moment you see them! In fact, most or all of them have already been blocked by IMDA which is the media censorship authority in Singapore.

Don’t know where to start looking for a social escort in Singapore? Just Google for them!

It is not that hard these days looking for escorts in Singapore. Simply Googling for something like ‘Singapore escort’ will yield lots of agency websites, directory websites, classified ad sites with social escorts on it. Thankfully, with great 3G and wifi connections throughout SG, it will be an easy task for you even if this is your first trip and travel to Singapore city.

If this is your first time to Singapore, forget about walking down the streets of Singapore hoping to see a row of escort agencies. It simply does not work in this manner in Singapore unlike that of Las Vegas.

As you can tell from the above, it is not that hard to look for an escort legally in Singapore.

What’s The Difference Between A Social Escort Vs Sugar Baby?

If you tried searching for answers, you are likely to have come across websites saying that they are all the same. Or you will come across one website trying to vilify one while promoting another.

The former of these websites are usually forums such as Quora and Reddit where many posters do not even know what they are talking about.

The latter of those websites are usually either escort agencies or sugar dating websites – either way, they can and are usually biased.

In this article, let me share with you some of the real underlying differences between escorts and sugar babies. Take note that as legalities around the world may differ slightly, the answers in this post may not necessarily apply to your country. In this blog, we will only talk about social escorts and sugar babies in the context of Singapore.

Without further ado, let us go into topic proper.

Social escorts and sugar babies provide companionship in exchange for slightly different kinds of financial rewards

Both social escorts and sugar babies are basically paid companions. While escorts do it for the money, some sugar babies may want luxury gifts, meals or services in exchange for their companionship and time instead of outright money.

Escorts provide companionship, and in return, you are to compensate them by cold hard cash.

Sugar babies provide companionship, and terms are between you two to decide. While most sugar babies in Singapore want a monthly fixed allowance, some sugar babies in Singapore may simply want gifts instead.

Regardless, both groups of people provide their time and companionship in exchange for some kind of financial reward.

Social escorts do it more as a job, and sugar babies are half dating

If you want something that is more clean cut, then escorts are your ideal option. Basically, you pay them to meet you for that period of time. After that, they leave. They do it as their work.

There are many sugar babies in Singapore who operate exactly like escorts in this case. However, a rare few ask for unusual things such as requesting their sugar daddies to help them get an internship at a company that they wish to work at.

Social escorts in Singapore are almost exclusively females, while some sugar babies can be boys

Singapore escorts are exclusively females only. However, there are male sugar babies, although some of them are actually gay.

In Singapore, escorts are usually met through agencies, while sugar babies are met through dating platforms

While you can date a freelance escort girl in Singapore, most men opt to do so through reputable social escort agencies such as SG VIP Escorts or whatnot due to the higher level of legitimacy when it comes to the photographs and postings. There is some form of central control here.

Sugar babies in Singapore are met through dating platforms like Seeking Arrangement. These dating platforms function similar to that of OkCupid. You are to ‘fish’ for your own sugar baby.

You can verify details of a social escort beforehand if you use a Singapore agency, you will need to vet those details yourself when it comes to a sugar baby

As mentioned in the last point, because there is usually some form of central control or quality control if you use a legal and reputable female escort agency in Singapore, the details of the escorts are verified prior by the middleman – the agent.

When it comes to sugar babies, while some are legitimate, some are fake, and you will need to verify their details before meeting them yourself. Meeting a sugar baby is similar to that of meeting a freelance escort girl.