How To Get Singapore Escort Agencies To Reply You Fast

Whether you are booking through an escort agency in Singapore, or through an independent, these tips are the same. If you have noticed that some agencies or girls do not respond to you, and yet they are still functional and operational, here are some tips to help you set yourself aside as a professional customer who is serious about making a booking for the escorts. These same tips are also essential in helping you to get repeat bookings in Singapore as escorts are well known to be particular for rejecting a customer if their first time was rude or inpolite.

Go straight to the point and check out the escort agency website before contacting

It is absolutely important to know that to set yourself apart from the other enquirers as a customer and to get fast booking turnaround time and to book easily each and every single time, you need to go straight to the point. Most escort agencies have their details fully listed on their websites, and virtually all of the Singapore based escort websites have a frequently asked segment on their pages. This means that you can look through everything first and decide after already having any questions answered prior using their FAQS page. Additionally, the photos and any available details would already have been placed on their websites, and you are to look through the website first then book directly once you contact their hotline if you want fast service.

Shortlist a few social escort girls from their website before even thinking of contacting them as not all are available

Next, it is also utterly imperative that you shortlist several girls from their website first. In Singapore, almost all escorts are doing it on a part time basis, which means that not all of them are available at any given moment. However, instead of asking the agency who is available, which is a TERRIBLE idea because it usually demonstrates that you did not look at their websites at all, to first shortlist around 3 to 5 girls all of whom you are interested in and willing to make a booking for. From that point, you then contact the escort agency.

So what do you do when you have done the above and are now contacting the agency or agent?

Here is what you do on a step by step basis for your booking.

  1. Tell them that you are interested in a number of girls and type out the names of the 3 to 5 models whom you are interested in from their agency and want to make a booking for today in Singapore.
  2. Every agency and company is slightly different, and they will usually advise you at this point as to what other details they may require from you. This varies from company to company so just listen to whatever they type or reply you.
  3. Whatever details they ask for, provide them for fast verification. This is especially the case if you are a first time customer to their agency in Singapore.
  4. They will reply you with whoever is available out of the list of names that you had selected or perhaps provide some recommendations.
  5. You can then make your decision for the booking and confirm on the girl whom you will like to meet!
  6. Simply wait now for the girl to travel. This usually takes between 1 to 3 hours within Singapore, depending on where you are, what time you contact the agency and more.
  7. The girl would have arrived and you would be enjoying your time with her!
  8. If you want repeat bookings, it is important that you are always polite and respect personal boundaries at all times – escorts are paid companions, not slaves. So treat them as such and you will probably get better service and the agency will be glad to do business with you in future!