Is This Truly The Best Singapore Escort Agency Or Overhyped?

Are you in search for the best social escort agency in Singapore? If so, you may have heard of SG VIP Escorts. Let’s take a look if they truly are the best in Singapore!

First got famous on a Yahoo lifestyle interview titled, “Escort agency founder says he provides premium ‘girlfriend experience’ sans the sleaze”, Richard, the founder of SG VIP Escorts and the company seemed to seemingly skyrocket within the Singapore escort industry soon thereafter.

For those who are TLDR, here is the summary of the article. They are a company that specializes only in local nationality escort girls, and since their founding, tons of girls have applied to their agency (not surprising since most SG girls can be materialistic). They have had a couple of odd incidents, and Richard even shared that there were porn stars who applied as well, but due to their foreign nationality, they were declined from the company. (It is true, I have never seen a foreign girl on their website since inception till now, which is really rare for an agency as most tend to bring on foreigner girls. I guess they are very good at attracting local girls to join them.)

Actually, what surprised me the most is that that article first came out in 2017. This is the year 2020, and they still have the largest amount of local girls on their list and are fully operational and seem to be growing rapidly actually since 2020 started! They seem to be adding on the most amount of new locals, whereas others have significantly reduced or simply closed shop months or even years ago.  Most agencies usually crumple after the 2nd or 3rd year, and yet SG VIP Escorts is charging strong! I guess specializing in local nationality girls have truly garnered them lots of supporters – both a steady stream of loyal customers as well as local SG female applicants.

If you did not already know this fact about Singapore, it is that escort agencies tend to come and go really fast. Many of them start, and become defunct within a matter of months. This is really common. Therefore, there is always attention when one lasts for so long. This is especially the case for SG VIP Escorts which is several years now which is seemingly an eternity in this space!

And they are still shockingly getting raving reviews. Recently, there has been significant renewed interest in their services when it comes to the Singapore escorts industry, as they had new interviews shared via multiple Redditors on various Singapore-related sub-Reddit.

After having spoken to some of the industry veterans in terms of customers (whom are actually my friends but I know use escort services) – sorry I can’t reveal their identity, that is their condition for quoting them in this article, I bring you the following comments by them on the company.

“Best options if you want local SG girls.” – M

“Very strict if they do not know whom you are. So just give your details to them, and they will take care of you thereafter. Booking is usually swift and response fast. No frills, but no hassles.” – W

“Not the cheapest, not the most expensive, and no fully uncensored face photos of their girls, but certainty one of the very best in terms of their girls’ quality if you love Singaporean ladies. Can’t recommend them enough in terms of that. But for foreigners, sorry they have zero.” – R

So what do you guys think? Are you also a customer? Let me know in the comment section below and I will anonymize your name and publish the comments here!

From the above, I certainly think they are! But like everyone says, beauty (of their models) is in the eye of the beholder! But for those of you out there who like the local Singapore girls, then yes they are an ideal choice.